Latest Update:Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 12,13,14,15,18 June 2022 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are K12 Techno Services, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.


At IIFA, the Department of Human Resources commence into a comprehensive process to develop and re-invent ourselves and also to emphasize professionalism, responsibility and accountability. We IIFA Multimedia, No.1 Design College in Bangalore completely defined by our core values of Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, Integrity and Leadership. IIFA focus in hiring, retaining and developing a group of talented and peculiar individuals to create a welcoming work environment. And we always believe that trustworthy and happy employees are generative employees and are better able to execute the mission of IIFA. Through IIFA’s International Placement cell, the human resource department also helps student with placement assistance by providing Students Internship, Project, Soft skills training, Aptitude training and etc. Also continuous Encouragement has been given to lecturers to help students in acquiring knowledge, also in gaining higher and specialized qualifications in an effective way. At the nutshell, IIFA is acclaimed as a center of academic excellence for design and management studies. I heartily welcome aspiring youths to join IIFA to realize their ambition objectives and achieve higher goals through excellent education.


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Sudarshan Pandey Graphic Designer PRADA
Vikram Rout Interior Designer LGM Interiors
Hema Choudry Interior Designer RATHY
Nishanth.S Site Superior URBAN Interior
Dinesh Site Superior Zone[Interior & Exterior]
Keerthy Reddy Proprietor Interior Architects
Kurthikan Own Company Bridges Interior
Sreemantha.Rs Project Head ACE Interior
Vargees Animator Animation Galaxy
Chitra Deepak Fashion Designer Fashion Design Studio
Vinod Animator Dash Animation Studio
R.N.Ranjitha Animator TOEI Animation
Daya Gopal Fashion Designer Shashi Exports
Dixit Sudok Animator Techicolor
Mukesh Animator Animation
Sarvana Graphic Designer Animation[Picture Company]
Shubham Graphic Designer Animation[Animation Studio]
Swarna Mitra Animator Alstom
Panchakshari Fashion Designer Fashion Design Studio
Vibha Animator LIBISOFT
Sumana Apparel/Fashion Desinger Cotton blossom IND PVT.LTD
Ashlesha Assistant Fashion Designer RAKHIS Fashion
Sumikha 3D Modeler Cognizant
Diganth Animator Ogilvy & Marther
Abhinav Cartoonist Kenzo
Pavan Malnad Animation Director BNP PARIBAS
Veerandher Gupta 3D Visualizer PRADA
Sukdeep Design Engineer GUESS
Panchakshari Interior Designer Cum
Swaminathan Interior Designer Miracle Services
Sanvi 3D Modeler Miracle Services
Gupta Animator Perfect Interior Design
Venu Gopal Fashion Designer Mra Trading.Pvt.Ltd
Manikant Fashion Stylist UBQ
Akul Fashion Designer Ray Boutique
Sindhu Vasista Fashion Designer JRS Consultancy
Monvi Agarwal Fashion Designer Rose Creations
Mahesh Fashion Designer Silkam
Anupama Kiragh Fashion Designer JRS Consultancy
Sheshu Narayan Fashion Designer Sakariya synthetic.Pvt.Ltd
Jilani Fashion Designer Golden Orchid
Kurum Site Supervisor Gap INC
Pavithra Vartar Interior Designer Urban Interiors
Pooja Karanth Supervisor Optimistic Designs
Shiv Kumar Gour Animator Kenzo
Sweety Mahato Animator Alston
Dileep Graphic Designer Hermes
Akshay Kambar Web Designer Cognizant
Vandya Hiremath Graphic Designer Bend
Chinmaya Graphic Designer Accenture
Chandraharan Animator 3M
Angurhuman Cartoonist Balcoon
Bhagya Hotel manager PARLE-G PVT LTD Companies
Sumanth Software publisher Parametric technology india pvt ltd
Pavitra Software developer Naviya
Vinay Database administrator Bosch group
Hemanth Database administrator Fidelity investment
Jeevith Food & Beverage Manager Nestle
Keerthi Sales executive Masalabox Food Network Pvt Ltd
Bothana Database administrator Samsung R&D Institute
Yash Human Resource Axis India
Affrin Housekeeping manager Hyaft
Abhay Event manager Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Uditha Database administrator Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Minchu kumari Product executive Masala box
Bhuvan Finance consultant Mulesoft conultant
Rohini Food & Beverage Manager LINK LIFE INTERNATION LLP-Bangalore
Hanvith Audit Assistant HI TECH
vipanchi Audit Assistant Vistanta Consulting Private Ltd
Nishanth Financial Controller CRPL India
Sanjan Assistant Manager House Keeping Westin Hostel & Resort
Tarun Account Assistance Bluecross marketing pvt ltd
Rohith Account assistance Hotel presidency
Revanth Event Manager INFERNO Event Management
Mithun Digital mareketing executive PARLE-G PVT LTD Companies
Koushik Operation Manager Parametric technology india pvt ltd
Alisa Marketing Manager Naviya
Avinash Human Resource Bosch group
Yashaswini Human Resource Fidelity investment
Chaitra Operation Manager Nestle
Anusha General manager operation Masalabox Food Network Pvt Ltd
Manoj Financial planner Samsung R&D Institute
Kishore Financial planner Axis India
Amit Financial planner Hyaft
Jatin Private banker Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Lithikasha Operation Manager Shree events &ventures pvt ltd
Ansonthoji Deputy Manager Masala box
Vinod Partner Marketing Manager Mulesoft conultant
Yogesh Partner Marketing Manager LINK LIFE INTERNATION LLP-Bangalore
Partha Relationship Manager HI TECH
Pruthiv Sales Executive Vistanta Consulting Private Ltd
Yamuna Pattern maker CRPL India
Maya Retail Director Westin Hostel & Resort
Ajay Proprietor Bluecross marketing pvt ltd
Bishali Interior Decorator Mad Design
Thushar Production coordinator Omni Scale Media
Bhavana Cabin Maintainer Marriott
Rajshekar RJ ShowTime
Alekhya Designer Arvind
Rishika Jewllery Designer Parada
Suhas tiwari Design Ed Groove
Gareema Web Designer Anjana Media
Divya Display Designer Urban Interior
Haritha Story writer CGM Media
Ramesh 3D Artist Dash Animation
Neha Illustrator Viacom
Ria Editor Mediaset
Chethan Concept designer Wipro
Vibha Modeler CAT
Abbas Rigger TATA Elxsi
Mounish Tools Programmer 2adpro
Kumar Reddy Video Game Designer 7 Seas
Guneet Chawla Site Supervisor Jangid Designs
Anil Stylist Spykar
Debankana Jewllery Designer Swarovsk
Ashu Agarwal Concept Writer Cinemax
Toral Yadav 3D Artist Blue Heaven Media
Arnab Chanda Cartoonist Photo pluse Production
Anoohya Program Manager Spice Jet
Hansika Tripati Art Director Zynga
Anjali Texturing Artist Locksmith
Supreetha Level Scripter Cool frogs
Gayathri Interior Decorator Anne & Co
Mubinshad Footware Designer Blitz fashion
Shraddha Character Artist Seven Hills
Milan Animator Kenzo
Ram kumar Fashion Photographer Sikam
Tanmaya Illustrator Anjana Media
Prajit Administartor Marriott
Imtiaz Software Developer Accenture
Viresh Salil Video Jockey 9X
Rukma Koppala Level Scripter Cinemax
Padmini Layout Artist Dash Animation
Vidyadhar Event Manager Viacom
Jeevitha Fashion illustrator Nihal Fashions
Mrigesh Stylist Golden Orchid
Kishore Audit Assistant Hi Tech
Vasudha Marketing manager Mulesoft
Saritha Event Planner Hyaft
Ankit 3D Modler Big Wing
Chaitra Irani Retail Designer Allen solly
Nanda kishore Ligithing Designer ShowTime
Rohini Pradhan Designer Media Craft
Nilesh Jewllery Designer Photo pluse Production
Arshad Sandeep Design Ed Mad Design
Mallika Web Designer Looksmith
Saquib Chaudhury Display Designer Blue Heaven Media
Tilak Story writer Raymond
Suchetha 3D Artist Nihal Fashions
Pramila Vamshi Illustrator 3M
Hemendra Editor Urban Interior
Pujitha Concept designer Balcoon
Sohil Omkar Video Jockey ABP News
Anoushka Neeraj Flight Analyst Air Asia
Nilay Venugopal Tools Programmer Ellipse Studios
Aboli Medikonda Interior Decorator Anne & Co
Rajat Gaekwad Chracter Modeler David Phoneix
Ujwala Cartoonist CGM Media
Jeevan Reporter TV 18 Group
Subramanya Fashion Cartoonist Showtime
Anuva Koppla Frontend Operator Marroitt
Yadunath Cabin Maintainer Indi Go
Chinmayi Jewllery Designer D & G
Samir Jaisimha Web Designer Cerium Visual Effects
Bikram Sattar Level Designer Seven Hills
Najma Sanghi Concept Writer Accenture
Nathan Event Planner Hyaft
Samit Mukund Game Developer Dopamine
Prita Viresh Play programmer Moon Frog
Arivali Nagendran Fashion Designer Monrow
Gopinath Level Scripter HM Leisure
Patralika Web Developer Flipkart
Mukti Texturing Artist HCL
Triguna Mehta Interior Decorator Shree Events & Ventures
Swaroop Mukherjee Furniture Designer Jangid Designs
Brijmohan Sen Cargo Assistant QATAR
Chinnappa Venugopal Chracter Modeler Cinemax
Sankarnarayan Game Play Programmer 2adpro
Abhishek Illustrator Looksmith
Sheshank Video Jockey ZEE Network
Ananya Garment technologist Spykar
Indushree Airport Customer Service Air Asia
Rahul Tools Programmer Bethesda Game Studio
Dhanvith Story writer Photo pluse Production
Atul Content Developer Media Craft
Rajan Rathod Screen writer News 18
Chimay chandra Photo journalist Mediaset
Dakshit Krishna Editor TI Publication Group
Sourabh Safety Officer Taj
Palguni Jewllery Designer Swarovsk
Tarun Hirematt Game App Developer Zynga
Arpan Singh Fashionist Arvind
Akash Domestic Art Advertiser ShowTime
Abhaya Animator Groove
Pallavi Concept designer Anjana Media
Sushil Furniture Designer Urban Interior
Sonal Display Designer Zone
Isha Production Designer Dash Animation
Pankaj Script writer Viacom
Vihan Event Manager Mediaset
Avinash Chracter Modeler Wipro
Varun Rigger CAT
Divyansh Texturing Artist TATA Elxsi
Sharif Level Designer 2adpro
Vinay Technical Artist 7 Seas
Nithin Ligithing Designer Jangid Designs
Mithun Stylist Spykar
Sayyid Fashion illustrator Swarovsk
Vandit Play programmer Cinemax
Taysir Photo journalist Blue Heaven Media
Harshini Art Designer Photo pluse Production
Gagan Interior Decorator Anamendez Designs
Eesha Display Designer Kevinkurbs
Dhanvi Retail Manager Voos
Abhiram Sound Engineer ABP News
Kiran Fashion Photographer News 18
Adin Furniture Designer UBISOFT
Shayan Web Designer Adobe
Apoorva Graphic Designer 2adpro
Niran Flight Analyst Spice Jet
Dhyaneshwar Video Game Designer Locksmith
Ekanath Adversiting Blue Heaven Media
Falak Textile Designer Raymond
Vainavi Textile Designer Nihal Fashions
Reena Animator 3M
Prithika Site Supervisor Urban Interior
Samali Cartoonist Balcoon
Gaurav TV Correspondent ABP News
Balwanth Security Screener Air Asia
Bharat App Designer Ellipse Studios
Dhara Exhibition Designer Anne & Co
Bhumika Interior Decorator David Phoneix
Chahna Video Editor CGM Media
Rajiv Correspondent TV 18 Group
Ipsitha RJ Showtime
Ranjit Flight Safety ERP Marroitt
Usha Transitor Indi Go
Rishi Stylist D & G