Latest Update:Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 12,13,14,15,18 February 2023 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are K12 Techno Services, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.

Course - Overview

Diploma in Logistics & Supply chain Management is a six months course offered by IIFA Lancaster Degree College affiliated to NSDC. The course offers a unique curriculum to understand the entire Logistics & Supply Chain Management process. Students learn the principles and concepts behind the logistics & supply chain including fundamentals of Logistics Industry like Warehouse, Inventory Management, Business Communication, flow of products and information, Managing supply chain strategies, transportation and distribution to the customers. Since, Logistics has become an important industry in the success of business in India, students are offered with internships to get the industrial experience while learning. Through IIFA’s International Placement cell students get better placement opportunities to play a different role in different sectors.


The course offers a unique curriculum to understand the entire Logistics & Supply Chain Management process.

Logistics & the Supply Chain | Competing through logistics | Setting customer service priorities | Value & Logistics Costs | Managing logistics internationally

Exuding style in every design always possess the ability to be creative which automatically helps to generate more revenue in this field.

Managing the lead time frontier | Just-In-Time & Lean thinking | Agile supply chain | Managing supply chain relationships | Partnerships in the supply chain | Exercises for Observation & Imagination | Logistics challenges of the future

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Demand Planning Analyst

  • Procurement Manager

  • Distribution Centre (DC) Supervisor

  • Supply Chain Consultant

  • Purchase Manager

  • Production Coordinator

  • Inventory Specialist